With over 25 years of experience within the energy industry, we offer our free and friendly services to the commercial markets. We will compare every deal from every supplier, in order to reduce energy and water bills for our customers; on a tariff that is tailored to their energy demands. Here at Right Price Energy we put the customers needs at the heart of every deal. 

Who are we ?

Established in 1994 we are the UK's longest standing energy brokerage firm. We have helped thousands of businesses and homeowners save millions on their utility bills. With over 25 years of success, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Whether you are a business owner or just looking to save money in your home, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

You maybe suprised just how much 

you could save off your electric bill.

Let us manage your energy, whilst you manage your business.

It's what we do best.

Get in contact to get a quote, and see how much you could save.


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