Guide to Switching



To begin the process all we need from you is a copy of your most recent gas, electricity or water bill. 



We also need a letter of authority (LOA), to allow us to work on your behalf. A template can be found here

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We will advise you on the best deals, and ensure a smooth transition once you have decided. 

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Frequently asked questions

Commercial Energy

Why do energy prices vary?

The wholesale price of gas and electric is not easily predictable and continually fluctuates. It is influenced by world events, and changes in supply and demand of the consumers and producers. This means the price of gas and electric set by the supply companies is never the same. Other factors can also effect the pricing policies set by the supply companies. For example, if a supplier has purchased too much energy and cannot sell it on, they will reduce their margins to make the energy more attractive. This is common in times of recession when customers unexpectedly cut down their energy usage, meaning the predictions made by the suppliers on the amount of energy to be purchased, exceeds the amount used by their customers. Similarly, when supply companies are wishing to expand their customer base, they alter their pricing structures to offer preferential rates, which are typically launched through brokerage firms such as Right Price Energy. We will constantly monitor changes in the energy market on behalf of our customers, allowing us to identify the most competitive rates for both the commercial and domestic markets.

How does the UK energy market work?

Gas is shipped to the UK from countries such as Russia and Norway, and distributed around the UK by Transco. Electricity is generated mainly in the UK by coal, gas or nuclear power, and distributed by the National Grid. Initially just two suppliers serviced the UK energy market, however since deregulation in the early 1990's, over thirty suppliers have emerged to provide the country's energy needs. These companies buy energy on the wholesale market, and sell it on to businesses throughout the UK.

What is a dregulated energy market?

A deregulated energy market means that the companies responsible for generating energy, sell it onto the wholesale market, to be purchased by various retail energy supply companies, who sell the energy on to customers. Meaning suppliers are free to sell their energy to customers at different competitive rates. This is opposed to a regulated market, in which customers cannot choose their energy provider and are bound to their local utility. Dergulation enables customers to shop around for an energy provider that suits them, and gives rise to competitive prices.

Can I change my supplier?

Yes, any business is free to change thier supplier, as long as it is at the end of their current contract. Right Price Energy will facillitate the smooth transition from one supplier to another, or negotiate new rates with the existing supplier, following the termination of the previous contract. Please give us a call on 0121 296 8749 for advice on your current options.

Why use an energy broker?

For small to medium businesses, we are able to offer fixed price, fixed term contracts which will protect you from increasing wholesale energy prices, that lead to increased rates set by your supplier. For larger users and multi-site companies, we can help you reduce energy costs through more effective procurement, improved energy efficiency and subsequently improved environmental compliance. We can manage the whole process for you, with as much involvement from you as you desire. There is never any obligation to switch at any point before a deal has been agreed, and customers are not obliged to select the option we advise. We are able to remove the time and effort needed by a company to ensure your renewal prices are competitive. We can easily identify the most competitive prices tailored to your energy usage, and being an independant brokerage firm, our advice is always unbiased and puts your interests at heart. Controlling your contract is crucial to the process, we will esnure that your termination letter if required, is sent on a timely basis. Thus avoiding being rolled over by your supplier to a standard tariff, which is usually the most expensive option in the market.

Why Choose Right Price Energy?

Our experience in the industry is second to none. Our leading brokers in the field have the expert skills and knowledge needed to find you the tariff that is most suited to your needs, and not those of the supplier. The vast business that we produce for suppliers, grants us added bargaining power. This enables us to negotiate on a higher level with the supplier, to get even more competitive prices than those listed on the standard matrix. We have day to day contact with the suppliers at director level, which helps to resolve any disputes throughout the process. Here at Right Price Energy we dont shy away from problems, we are with you every step of the way. Our services are completely and utterly free, so it costs nothing to see if we could save you money, and there is never any obligation to continue with the process. Give us a call on 0121 296 8749 for some free and impartial advice.

If there is no fee, how are you paid?

We recieve comission from the energy supplier for introducing a new customer, or renewing an existing customers contract.

What sort of savings can I expect?

It is not unusual for our clients to reduce their energy bills by 15-25%, and more if you are in an out of contract rate. In an ever-changing market, we strive to ensure your renewal rate is as competitive as possible.

Will my supply be interrupted?

No. Changing suppliers, if neccessary never results in any interruptions to your supply. We endevour to ensure a seamless and efficient transition.

Will I need a new meter?

No, Just as with residential customers, if a company changes to a new supplier, nothing changes except the price paid for the gas or electricity. The paperwork, meter and network all remain the same, the company reading the meter is the only thing that changes.

Commercial Water

What is water deregulation?

As of April 2017, the water market has become deregulated. This means most businesses and organizations in England can now choose which comapny they want to supply their retail water services. Eligible customers are no longer restricted to their regional water supplier.

What does a dregulated water market mean for you?

Having a dregulated water market allows businesses to take control of who supplies their water. Different suppliers will offer different prices and benefits, which businesses are now free to choose from. These benefits may include more competitive prices, a higher standard of customer service, consolidation of water bills and maybe even offer a rebate if your business has been over charged by their supplier in the past. Right Price Energy will ensure you recieve an excellent level of customer care, highly competitive prices and we will offer customers who have been previously overcharged a rebate. One of the most desirbale aspects of our service at Right Price Energy is that we will consolidate your water usage and waste water, along with other water related services into one easy to understand bill, with a single direct debit. To make it easier to monitor your outgoings. We can also simplify bills for multi-site premises by compacting all the sites into one bill. It is important that you find the tariff that is best for your business, and with all the different suppliers and tariffs out there, it can be confusing who is offering the best deal. Right Price Energy will take the complexity out of switching, and guide you through the process with our free and honest advice. Give us a call at 0121 296 8749

What businesses are eligible?

As of April 2017, most businesses, charities and public sector orginisations based wholly or mainly in England or Scotland, will be eligible to choose both their water and wastewater retailer. However, currently homeowners are not able to enter the deregulated water market, and are restricted to the supplier in their area.