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Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Right Price Energy have been helping farmers for over 25 years on energy bills. We work with all the suppliers so we are not biased to one supplier. 

Coming from a farming background we know how stressful it is to take care of a farm on a day to day basis which means energy contracts can often get overlooked. 

At Right Price Energy we check the market on a daily basis ensuring our clients get

the best available rates.

Many people when asked how much they pay for their energy, they are totally unsure as to their unit rate but only know the monthly cost from their bill.


We have also found that high percentages of people are paying on estimated bills which is not good for business when having to work out your monthly expenditure. 

At Right Price Energy we can ensure you get correctly billed and at a price that suits yourself, not the supplier. 

To enable us to get a quote give us a call or email. 

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